Ways to Get Inspired

Have you stumbled upon a writer's block? Or rather, does it feel like you've set up permanent residence there? It's a familiar town to all who set out with a pen as their companion, and once you've fallen in a writer's block it can be hard to get out. Other times though, it can be... Continue Reading →


Ways To Love Your Spouse

We used to stay up half the night texting, and spend the other half of the night dreaming about each other. We would get up at 5 am just to go see each other and not part until one in the morning. I had a treasured section of the wall set up as a shrine... Continue Reading →

Love Is…

They say it’s blind that love confuses the mind and baffles the heart They say it’s reckless That love turns the simplest of man into a wild disposition They say it doesn’t make sense That love cannot be explained or reasoned by the strongest of mind They say it’s hard to find That love is... Continue Reading →

To Write A Love Poem

There a million ways to write a love poem Time and time again it has been done By suitors and matchmakers alike Using pretty words to woo the girl Or scribbled in the secret journal By the lass whose heart longs There are a million ways to write a love poem You can compare love... Continue Reading →

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